Issues of public housing and related facilities

Partnerships between the private and public sectors are suggested to help with the building of public housing in Macau, it was discussed in a public debate held by local public broadcaster TDM over the weekend.
Wu Chou Kit, a committee member of the Urban Planning Committee said during the discussion that facilities at the public housing in Ilha Verde and Seac Pai Van are still lacking.
Mr. Wu suggested forming a partnership with private companies, especially for the planned public housing developments that are located far away from the city. “This type of land for building public housing should be opened for a public tender so the government can gain another source of income that can be invested in building facilities for planned public housing,” Mr. Wu commented.
Once the establishment of a new Urban Renewal Committee has been set up, the city could develop in a similar way to Hong Kong, with businesses partnering with the housing projects to develop new areas and to make the procedures more efficient, Mr. Wu recommended.
Mr. Wu also suggested the government should speed up the construction of the public housing units in the areas which have well set-up facilities and good transport networks, so that the residents can move in quickly.
Legislator Si Ka Lon suggested the government should open applications for public housing as soon as possible and publish a timetable in a timely manner so residents can move in sooner. “This also helps the government to figure out the current situation of the community in terms of the population and facilities issues,” the legislator explained.
There will be 28,000 public housing units to be built in the New Area Zone A. About 10,000 public housing units will be built in Avenida Wai Long, where around 4,000 units are currently being built, according to the legislator.
Lacking facilities
Iun Ioc Va, the deputy convener of the Advisory Council of Community Services of the Islands acknowledged that the government reclaimed the five land plots located in Avenida Wai Long in Taipa to build public housing. However, Mr. Iun suggested one plot of land located at the junction between Rua do Desporto and Rua do Colegio should be reserved for sports and youth related activities and to increase the facilities in the area. “If further development is to take place, it should enhance the overall development of sports and youth facilities,” Mr. Iun said.
Local residents expressed hope that the government would keep its promise to finish the planned public housing projects by 2020. “The Chief Executive, Chui Sai On has promised to build public housing units in the New Area Zone A. Also, 12 projects of planned public housing in Nam Van and 14 planned projects of public housing in Seac Pai Van, which equals to 60,000 units of planned public housing. I hope these will be built by 2020,” a local resident said while attending the discussion on Sunday.
Existing facilities unchanged
A multi-storey car parking space will be built for 1,000 units of public housing located on the eastern side of the Macau Olympic Aquatic Centre in Rua do Desporto, according to a report by local TDM Chinese Radio.
Pun Weng Kun, director of the Sports Bureau has already made a request to the Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau (DSSOPT) that the existing sports facilities should be kept unchanged, including badminton and basketball courts. He also requested that the DSSOPT provide no less than the current existing number of parking spaces available.
“The surrounding area of the Macau Olympic Aquatic Centre is for Macau residents to do exercises so we have requested DSSOPT to retain the current sports facilities in place,” Mr. Pun said.
Currently, the multi-storey car parking space and the open parking space on the ground floor can provide about 500 parking spaces. According to the draft plan of the parking spaces from the DSSOPT, no less than 650 parking spaces, of which 400 parking spaces are for light vehicles, will be provided.
Mr. Pun said that the Bureau has now collected feedback from the Urban Planning Committee, but still has not received the exact date for land clearance from the DSSOPT and Housing Bureau.
Mr. Pun revealed that the Bureau has received some feedback to request a change in land usage for building public housing, yet up till now the Bureau has not received any requests to change the usage of the sport facilities.