Jackson Chang pleads not guilty, sentence to be known on October 9

The court decision on the corruption trial involving Macau Investment Trade Promotion Institute (IPIM) President, Jackson Chang will be announced on October 9.

In the last court session held yesterday, lawyers representing the 26 defendants wrapped up their closing arguments and Chang broke the silence to plead not guilty.

“I initially opted for silence, on the advice of my lawyer. I have been a civil servant for thirty years and have always performed my duties with zeal and loyalty. I never practised any illegal acts that could cause me to lose my job, ”said Jackson Chang. “I am innocent, and I believe in Macau laws and justice,” he concluded, as quoted by TDM Radio Macau.

Chang is facing charges for 18 crimes, including criminal association, corruption, money laundering and breach of secrecy for allegedly benefiting from fraudulent residence permits, granted by IPIM for investment or to highly qualified professionals.

Chang’s wife and daughter are also defendants in a case involving several businessmen, family members and individuals said to have benefitted from the fraudulent residence permits.

The former Director of the IPIM, Glória Batalha Ung, and former chief of the IPIM’s Residency Application and Legal Affairs Division, Miguel Ian Iat Chun, are also facing abuse of power and breach of secrecy charges.