Jan gaming revenue to reach MOP6-7.8 billion – Investment banks

Investment bank Citi predicts that Macau’s gross gaming revenue will reach MOP 6 billion in January, which would account for a 25 per cent decrease compared with the same month of 2021.  The outlook for February improves and Citi’s forecast for the first two months of the year reaches MOP14.5 billion, down 5 per cent year-on-year, factoring in effects of the Chinese New Year.

Another investment bank, Bank of America Securities Inc, holds a more optimistic prediction for January – forecasting MOP7.8 billion in gross gaming revenue.  However . it foresees that the COVID-19 Omicron variant may pose a threat to the recovery of the overall gaming revenue in the coming months.

Another brokerage, JP Morgan Securities (Asia Pacific) said in a note that it “won’t try to predict” the city’s overall casino revenue for this year. The outcome will “hinge on the pace and level of travel normalisation around the region”.