Joint customs arrangements for lorry drivers early next year – Secretary

The checkpoint between Macau and Hengqin will see customs passages built exclusively for lorry drivers early next year under a new model that allows joint immigration, Secretary for Security Wong Sio Chak told lawmakers at a Legislative Assembly plenary session this afternoon.

The model, which was touted as an ‘innovative approach’ jointly taken by the two sides to customs arrangements, will phase out the current practice where lorries go through two separate checks, one by local customs officers and the other by their Zhuhai counterparts.  

Instead, they will only have to go through one single check.

Both Zhuhai and Macau authorities will by then be able to share their information with one another, allowing joint customs control possible, said the secretary.

The measure is part of an ongoing effort that seeks to complete the second phase of an improvement project for the Hengqin checkpoint by the end of 2022.

A total of 30 lanes are expected to be ready for use once the project completes.

“Guangdong and Macau will then negotiate adjustments to application requirements for Macau-registered vehicles going in and out of Hengqin,” said Wong. “Authorities will gradually push for a full opening for vehicles between Macau and the Cooperation Zone.”

Nearly 8,000 what are known as ‘single-plate vehicles’ are allowed in and out of the adjacent Hengqin island.