Judiciary Police inspector involved in MOP1 mln education bureau subsidy fraud

The CCAC has indicated that a Judiciary Police (PJ) inspector was involved in a MOP1 million (US$125,270) fraud case involving subsidies granted by the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau (DSEJ).

The corruption watchdog 2019 activity report, indicates that in September of last year the CCAC initiated an investigation on possible fraud involving the DSEJ Continuous Improvement and Development Program.

Initiated in 2007, the DSEJ scheme provides a MOP6,000 to sponsor training courses or education degrees to local residents.

The investigation uncovered that since 2016 the head of a Macau education centre, together with a PJ investigator and other individuals, deceived and enticed some citizens who had not yet used or finished the DSEJ education subsidy scheme, to enrol in courses organized by the centre and promising that after receiving government grants an unlawful financial compensation of around 30 per cent of grants received would be delivered to them.

The head of the education centre allegedly introduced false enrollment information on some courses and all those enrolled in the courses never attended classes and only providing their personal identification data to the education centre, receiving in exchange for MOP2,000 to MOP2,500 in cash.

This way the group managed to receive more than MOP540,000 in illicit funds from DSEJ, with MOP140,000 in subsides also received in 2018 after convincing some elderly people to falsely enrol in the courses taught by another education centre held in the group’s name.

Previously, the CCAC had indicated that the scam involved about 192 Macau residents and around MOP1 million but had not indicated the involvement of a PJ inspector, who even acted as a fake teacher in these courses and always present in the classroom in order an inspection by the DSEJ took place, even if no students were present.

The people included in the group were considered suspects of the practice of the various crimes of fraud, forgery of documents, use of false documents and computer forgery, with the case was referred to the Public Prosecutions Office.

During his 2020 policy address, Chief Executive Ho Iat Seng stated that the DSEJ scheme cost a total of MOP1.7 billion to the Macau SAR and that after many problems have been found with its operations it will not be provided this year and later re-initiated after adjustments were made to it.