LA police set US$100,000 reward for shooter of two officers

Los Angeles police searched intensely Monday for a man video-recorded shooting two officers in an “ambush” whom President Donald Trump branded an “animal.”

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department announced a $100,000 reward toward capturing the person that walked up to a police car parked in the Compton neighborhood of South Los Angeles and shot through the window before fleeing, leaving a male and female officer seriously injured. 

Police described the shooter as an African-American person between 28 and 30 years old, but did not say if they had identified a suspect, who was last seen heading away in a black sedan.

The two police officers were reported in stable condition. Both hit by multiple bullets, the 31-year-old female office was struck in the jaw and arms. Her partner, 24, was hit in the forehead, arms and hand.

The unexplained shooting, in a neighborhood with a high crime rate and a history of tensions between the police and black community, drew media and political attention toward the dangers police face on the job and away from the national Black Lives Matter campaign focused on police shootings of African Americans.

“These are real people doing a tough job, and it just shows the dangers of the job, in the blink of an eye,” county Sheriff Alex Villanueva said after the shooting.

President Donald Trump, who has campaigned on his support for police and rejection of Black Lives Matters concerns, retweeted the stark video of the shooting and wrote: “Animals that must be hit hard!”

“If they die,” Trump wrote of the police officers, “fast trial death penalty for the killer. Only way to stop this!”

“This cold-blooded shooting is unconscionable and the perpetrator must be brought to justice,” Trump’s Democratic election rival Joe Biden said in a Twitter statement.

“Violence of any kind is wrong; those who commit it should be caught and punished.”