Labour authorities call for non-resident mainland workers to avoid returning for CNY

In order to reduce pandemic risks, the Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL) has urged mainland non-resident workers employed in Macau to avoid returning to their hometowns for the Chinese New Year holiday.

The department made the request during a meeting with representatives from the Macau Trade Association and the Association of Chinese Employment Agencies, with the appeal directed especially to small, and medium enterprises employers.

As of November of 2020 there were some 114,208 mainland workers employed in Macau, who usually return to their cities and provinces of origin to spend the lunar new year.

This year’s Chinese New Year period will take place between February 11 and 17.

Last week the deputy director of Guangdong’s Health Commission, Huang Fei, has also made a call for the province’s more than 100 million residents to remain in the province for the holiday period, according to GGRAsia.

Inbound mainland visitors are exempt from quarantine in Macau as long as they have not been in areas defined as mid to high risk in the country.

Currently, several locations in Hebei, Beijing, Liaoning province and Heilongjiang province have been defined as mid and high-risk locations.