Land supply for residential purposes enough for 20 years even without Zone D – CE

Chief Executive Ho Iat Seng indicated that according to government studies, even without the future New Area Zone D there will be sufficient land supply for residential purposes for the next 20 years.

Speaking after the inauguration of the construction works for the Macao Polytechnic Institute new library and research complex building yesterday (Tuesday), Ho noted that New Area Zone E and the area near Avenida Wai Long were among some of the available land supply that could be developed into public housing.

Last week Secretary for Transport and Public Works Raimundo Arrais do Rosário revealed that authorities had decided to suspend plans for developing Zone D in front of the Taipa waterfront, and requested central authorities to authorities land reclamation works for a large green area to be built between Zone A and Areia Preta.

Under previous plans, the reclaimed areas Zones C, D, and E were expected to house 67,000 people in around 22,000 housing units.

Previous land reclamation plans

According to Ho, the future Zone A would have 1.38 square kilometres and is expected to hold 32,000 households, with an estimated population of 96,700 inhabitants, but despite its high population density, it does not include large green spaces for leisure, prompting the idea to create this new open space.

However, the CE admitted these plans were still in consideration and could still be changed, according to the opinions expressed during the on-going urban master plan public consultation.

When questioned if the Alto de Coloane hill and surrounding areas would be protected, considering that in the master plan the hill base was defined as having residential purposes, CE said that authorities will do everything possible to carry out Macau’s urban planning under the premise of environmental protection.

Planned green area in-between Zone A and Areia Preta