Last of UM departs Taipa campus

University of Macau (UM) said its Town Centre, which is the University’s only property located at its old campus in Taipa, will be returned to the government at the beginning of October. “We will move to the new campus on 7th October 2015. The University is required to return the University of Macau Town Centre (UMTC) to Macao Special Administrative Region Government,” Centre for Continuing Education of the University, the primary department using the property, it wrote in a notice. After UM’s move to its new campus in Hengqin, the Tertiary Education Services Office (GAES) announced in November last year that eight major teaching buildings of the UM old campus would be allocated to the City University of Macau, chaired by businessman and Executive Council member Chan Meng Kam. Asked by Business Daily, GAES said in an email that the relevant departments will “conduct in-depth research to make proper arrangements for the relevant place so that the precious land resources can be used rationally and effectively.” Meanwhile, regarding the reason for the relocation, the government department suggested that it was the plan of the University to meet its long-term development.