Limits reached

Once upon a time the sky was the limit. Millions and millions of dollars rolling onto the casino tables. Nouveau riche habits fascinating the population. Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Aston Martins, Porsches and Rolls Royces were bought like cookies in the streets of St. Paul’s Ruins.
Now the Macau population is facing the reality that the dream may have ended for some while others still continue to live beyond their means.
VIP rooms have closed. People in construction have been dismissed and re-hired.
What’s going to happen next? Ah, that, indeed, is the question.
Well, it’s now the time for the governors to govern, once and for all. The times of correction – I’d still rather call them that rather than a crisis – are the best for concrete measures to be taken in order to prepare for a better future.
It’s up to the government to take the lead in this situation and not hide in their cabinets or studies.
Traffic is chaotic. Parking space is almost impossible to find. Hospitals are scarce and the services may be improved. Education is to be a priority. The future cannot be reached without the new generations being well educated and prepared for the overwhelming challenges Macau is facing and will face. Security, apart from some episodes, is in good shape. Public Administration seems to be subject to a long awaited reform. Finally, Justice needs to be adapted to the new era ahead. There will be more and more disputes and the courts must be prepared with not only more judges but with new facilities. It’s incredible how the Judicial Base Court can be in the provisional – almost definitive – building it now occupies.
There are, of course, other areas that need urgent intervention. Nonetheless, what we need are measures. Good ones. With a vision of improving people’s lives.
Are the officials aware of this? Are they prepared?
It looks like they are, which is a good start. Albeit mired in difficulties the Secretary for Public Works is showing that he’s very competent and capable. The same applies to the Secretary for the Economy and Finance. The latest headlines of the Secretary for Public Works and Justice seem in line with their three colleagues. As for Security, there will be disputes, there will be more crime. Hopefully, Macau will be prepared to prevent that from happening, as the violence that pervaded the late 90’s is still in people’s minds.
People hope that the day-to-day problems they face can be solved. Hopefully, our government will be capable and competent enough to cope with people’s expectations.
NB: I could not end this piece without offering my sincere congratulations to the Macau Special Olympics team that performed so well in the Special Olympics World Games that recently took place in Los Angeles. I will return to that theme in the coming week.