Local drivers Charles Leong and Andy Chang top F4 Macau Grand Prix

Local drivers Charles Leong Hon Chio and Andy Chang hold their first and second starting positions in the Macau Grand Prix Formula 4 race today (Sunday).

It’s the first 1-2 for Macau drivers in Macau Grand Prix history, and the first all-Asian podium since 1971, when Jan Bussell from Singapore won ahead of Japanese drivers Riki Ohkubo and Kiyoshi Misaki.

“I just reached one of my childhood dreams, I’m a bit wordless I don’t know how to describe what I’m feeling right now, I feel like I’m dreaming,” Leong noted after the race.

The Smartlife Racing Team driver kept his first position for the 12-lap race, in an almost uneventful affair for the average in this year’s Grand Prix, apart from a crash by Chinese driver Liu Yang on the first lap that briefly yellow flagged the race.

“I got a couple of cars blocking me through the mountain section, I was struggling quite a bit to get past them, and at the end, it was really, really close because I think I used my tires a bit too quickly at the start of the race. It was tough,” Leong stated.

Fellow Macau driver Andy Chang also defended his initial second place and gave Leong a run for his money, managing the fastest lap of the race, with Chinese driver Li Si Cheng (LEO Team) claiming the third podium position.

“In the beginning, I was trying to close the gap but could not catch him. At the last lap, there was a slow car in the front so I thought I had a chance. I couldn’t do it but I’m very happy to still finish second,” Chang added.

In the first-ever Formula 4 race held in the streets of Macau, Hong Kong’s Lo Kwan Kit, Hong Shi Jie and Shang Zong Yi maintained a lively battle for the fourth position after Liu’s crash, with the Hong Kong driver for Pointer Racing managing jumping from 9th to fourth.