Local man placed under quarantine for close contact with Guangzhou confirmed case

A local 59-year old resident, a driver in a local casino, was placed under 14-day medical observation after it was discovered he had close contact to a confirmed case in the Liwan District of Guangzhou.

The man – a driver for a VIP room in City of Dreams – took part in a tour of Qingyuan held by a Zhuhai travel agency between May 22 and 23 where he was said to have been in close proximity – less than 3 meters – to a person diagnosed with an asymptomatic infection from the Liwan District of Guangzhou City in the Gulong Gorge tourist area in the Xin District of Qingyuan City.

‘Claiming he wore a mask, this resident denied any contact with anyone with fever or respiratory symptoms.

On May 25, he administered a dose of COVID-19 vaccine and underwent COVID-19 nucleic acid testing in Zhuhai, which came back negative.

This resident was subjected to the COVID-19 nucleic acid test at Conde de São Januário and the result was negative, and so far has had no symptoms.

‘Considering this individual’s risk of infection, he was referred to the Alto de Coloane Public Health Clinical Center for medical observation in isolation for 14 days after the last contact with the asymptomatic infected person from Liwan District of Guangzhou City,’ health authorities said.

Due to the low risk of infection, this resident’s contacts do not need to be followed up at this time.