Local population lost 10,700 people since pandemic started

The total population of Macau has decreased by 10,700 quarter-to-quarter to 685,400 by the end of June, mainly due to a drop in the number of non-resident workers living in the SAR, data from the Statistics Census Bureau.

According to data published by the Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL), the number of registered non-resident workers has dropped by 3.6 per cent from 193,498 in January to 190,367 in June, however, Secretary for Economy and Finance Lei Wai Nong previously indicated that since the pandemic started about 10,000 non-resident workers had lost their jobs.

New arrivals from mainland China with a one-way permit (386) and non-resident workers (186,427) at the end of the second quarter went down by 247 and 3,091 respectively quarter-to-quarter, but with the number of individuals granted right of abode (219) increased by 52.