Local residents to be subsidised in joining Zhuhai health insurance plan

Chinese authorities will allow local residents to enrol in the Zhuhai health insurance with Zhuhai and Macau authorities to subsidise co-payments.

Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan residents are allowed to obtain a residence permit card in Mainland China and can adhere to the Chinese social security regime.

Since July 1, 2019, the Macau authorities and the Zhuhai City Health Security launched a health insurance subsidy program for local residents living in Hengqin, with that health scheme now extended to the whole of Zhuhai.

The Zhuhai Government will support a part of the insurance expenses with individual payments to be borne by the resident himself, and with the Macau SAR subsidy assisting in making these individual payments.

Eligibility requirements will be similar to those provided for the pilot Hengqin scheme, covering Macau SAR living in Zhuhai and who have taken out basic health insurance in Zhuhai, aged 65 and over, children aged 10 and under, primary school students and secondary or disabled people who meet the requirements for granting the disability allowance and providing free health care.

Chinese authorities will allocate a maximum of MOP490 insurance subsidy for basic health to residents aged 65 and over and to people with disabilities, and a maximum of MOP220 to children aged 10 and under or primary and secondary school students.

Claimants must have paid the health insurance premium and after approval of the application, the subsidy is granted by the Health Bureau by bank transfer within 60 days.

The health insurance allowance is awarded annually, the maximum amount being fixed by order through a Chief Executive order.

It was previously indicated that these policies would eventually also be implemented in the other eight cities in the Greater Bay Area.