Local security company Guardforce Macau develops disinfection robot

Local security company Guardforce Macau indicated to Macau News Agency that it has developed a smart disinfection robot known as VirusGuard to assist with Covid-19 prevention cleaning works.

According to the company, the robot is equipped with an e-Mapping function to record the indoor environment, independent workability of automatic attendance and auto-piloting and is embedded with a high-efficiency spray diffuser used for 360º site cleaning with a special chlorine dioxide disinfectant and an bacteriostatic agent harmless to humans.

“As a busy tourism and entertainment city, Macau is currently experiencing a sharp decrease in the number of inbound tourists due to the impact of COVID-19. However, it is believed that after the blockade is lifted, the overall number of tourists will resume as usual,” Managing Director Susanna Vong told MNA.

“Therefore, constant and continuous disinfection may become the sanitation and epidemic prevention of Macau institutions, and intelligent automated solutions will be able to provide stable and efficient support”

The product was fully-launched in mid-April and is available in Macau and Hong Kong.

Guardforce Macau has previously also presented robotics solutions for security and commercial functions such as 24/7 security patrol, customer services and elderly care.