Looking at the big picture

The 70 complaints received by the Security Forces Disciplinary Committee (CFD) regarding abuse of power and misconduct by police authorities should be ‘contextualised in an environment of more than 7,000 agents and hundreds of thousands of actions and police interventions’ existing in the city, the department told Business Daily.
In its 2016 annual report, the CFD informed that it had received 64 complaints relating to the conduct of the Public Security Police Force (PSP), six against the Judiciary Police (PJ), and two complaints involving the Correctional Services Bureau and the Macau Corps of Firefighters.
The figures represent a 63 per cent year-on-year increase in complaints against the PSP, with the CFD noting in the report the rise of ‘improper execution procedures, poor attitude, slowness in law enforcement procedures, denial of justice, misconduct, abuse of police power and misuse of force’.
In its response to Business Daily, the CFD noted that, as an external department that audits the city’s security forces and services, it makes recommendations on how to improve correct conduct and public services, saying its recommendations were ‘always well received’.
Some of the department’s suggestions involved the creation of ‘specialised proximity teams’ serving mainly as a ‘first line of intervention’ for ‘domestic violence cases’, while recommending that a ‘call centre’ be created for ‘clarifying doubts on immigration issues’.