Lorman Lo appointed as new TDM Executive Head

Veteran TDM journalist Lorman Lo Song Man has been appointed as Chairman of the public service broadcaster’s Executive Committee today (Tuesday), replacing Manuel Pires, who left his position yesterday afternoon after filing for retirement.

The decision was made during a meeting held this morning by the company’s Board of Directors, Macau News Agency has learned.

Lorman Lo has been working for TDM since 1990. Before joining the broadcaster’s Executive Committee in 2012, she had served as head of TDM’s Chinese News department and subsequently as Chinese News Controller.

She will also replace Pires as Vice-President of TDM’s non-executive board of directors.

During the meeting, newly appointed member of the (non-executive) Board of Directors António José de Freitas was also selected to become an Executive Committee member on a part-time basis.

In addition to Lo and Freitas, the broadcaster’s executive arm includes Frederico do Rosário, John Lai and Cristina Ho (part-time).

Freitas, president of the Holy House of Mercy, was among the three new TDM’s non-executive Board of Directors appointed by the Chief Executive on August 26, alongside Government Information Bureau director Inês Chan Lou and legislator Vong Hin Fai.