LRT with an average of 1,100 passengers per day in February

The company responsible for the management of the Taipa Light Rapid Transit (LRT) system has revealed that the average number of passenger per day has decreased from 33,000 in December of last year to 16,000 in January and then only 1,100 in February.

The Macao Light Rapid Transit Corporation, Limited justified the results by several factors, including the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Taipa LRT opened on December 10 with the service suspended between December 18 and 20 for the official Xi Jinping visit to the SAR but with the service free of charge until the end of January.

With the first Covid-19 case in Macau reported on January 22, the transport frequency was also reduced after February 3.

‘It should be noted that some air flights were cancelled in that period of time, sea transport between Hong Kong and Macau was suspended from February 4, as well as casinos being closed from February 5 for a 15 days period,’ the company noted.