LT Game preparing to deploy automated robot dealer

Gaming technology developer LT Game, a subsidiary of Paradise Entertainment Limited, told MNA that it has already completed its human-like robot dealer product and will deploy it at overseas casinos.

Paradise is engaged in the provision of casino management services and sales of electronic gaming systems, mainly at Casino Kam Pek Paradise, which operates under a Sociedades des Jogos de Macau (SJM Holdings) concession license and at Casino Waldo, registered under a concession from Galaxy Entertainment Group.

Macau regulations only allow for residents to be employed as casino dealers with gaming operators having previously raised the issue of lack of manpower in the area caused by these restrictions.

As of the end of June of this year, there were 25,213 dealers employed in Macau, 4.8 per cent more than at the same time the year prior, with MOP20,850 in average earnings.

However, Chief Executive-elected, Ho Iat Seng, has already expressed that he will continue the current policy of prohibiting foreign workers to work as casino dealers.

So for LT Game, having an automated dealer could be a way to assist gaming companies in ‘manning’ their gaming floors.

“Local casinos lack manpower so we invented this machine in which we keep the fun of the game while avoiding the lack of manpower with this robot,” LT Game QA engineer, Ross Zhang, told MNA at the opening day of the 2019 MGS Entertainment Show at The Venetian.

The group has displayed a planned prototype of a robot dealer since the Macau Gaming Show in 2015, with the last model named ADV2 LT Intelligent and now said to be under government licensing and testing period.

However, the robot only possesses capabilities to distribute cards with no artificial intelligence (AI) functions yet.

“If we introduce any AI function into the machine we are raising an issue on whether the AI will influence the probabilities of the game. We just keep it simple, he just gives the cards,” Zhang added.