The first Macao-Wide English Essay Competition, organized by the Macau Speech Professionals Association, drew 1,644 students from 53 local schools and educational institutions.

Macao-wide English essay contest spotlights diversity and inclusiveness

The Macau Professional Speaking Association will again launch a citywide English essay competition this year, with the objective of cultivating diversity and inclusiveness among local young people.

Registration has already begun, with students from the upper forms of primary schools, secondary schools, and universities, namely those aged between10 and 25, eligible for the competition.

The second iteration of the event explores the theme ‘an inclusive world’ and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development laid out by the United Nations.

“Student voice is vital to our community.” says Sandy Leong, chair of the 2nd Annual Macao-wide English Essay Competition. “As agents of change, it is more important than ever to include them in the discussion of our collective future, empower them with skills and confidence, and encourage them to transform their ideas into actionable projects so we can all enjoy [living] an inclusive world.”

The event also receives support from the SDSN Youth Hong Kong and the United Nations University Institute in Macau.

All the entries to be collected will be graded, with the winning essays to be compiled and published altogether in a booklet to initiate a wider discussion about building a more sustainable and resilient future together.

Click on the link below to learn more about the competition. The deadline for registration is 5 December, 2022.

All essays need to be submitted by 16 December, 2022.