Macau | Alphaslot joins Macau Gaming Equipment Manufacturers Association

Macau (MNA) – Hong Kong-based Alphaslot, which is an entertainment-focused blockchain association has joined the  Macau Gaming Equipment Manufacturers Association, MNA has learned.

Alphaslot is joining the likes of IGT, Aristocrat, Konami, Aruze WEIKE and Macau Jockey Club which are members of the association.

CEO Raymond Chan had spoken during Sora Summit positioning Alphaslot as a system that will utilise multiple blockchains, as well as providing an open-source application program interface (API) for developers from all walks of life to create games that would be worthy of a wider audience, from casual to serious gamers.

This API will allow developers to make games to deal with the problem of lower gaming revenues and an increase of focus on spending on other offerings that casinos may have such as food and beverage outlets, among others.

Alphaslot users will be rewarded with tokens, which behave more like in-game rewards rather currency, which ensures the platform is not associated with cryptocurrency, the use of which have proven to be controversial due to a series of scandals in Macau.

During last year’s global gaming expo G2E Asia, Director of the Gaming Inspection and Co-ordination Bureau (DICJ), Paulo Martins Chan has said that the use of cryptocurrency in gaming activities would not be authorised “in the near future” in Macau.

The Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) of Alphaslot, Joseph Chan, who is also a senior lecturer on business innovation at the University of Hong Kong, says that the distributed ledger technology used in blockchain will be used to “understand how users respond to every single game.”