Macau | Alto de Coloane plot should be reclaimed by gov’t due to ownership irregularities – Commission Against Corruption

Macau (MNA) – An investigation report released this Monday by the Commission Against Corruption (CCAC) indicated that the department had found several ‘issues and doubts’ regarding the succession ownership transfer and in the mapping of a land plot in Coloane where a luxury residential project was to developed by Win Loyal Development, a company controlled by local businessman Sio Tak Hong.

In terms of land ownership, the report indicates that the land had been owned by a man named Chui Lan since 1903. Two men named Vong Tam Seng and Vong Tak Heng claimed that the man was their grandfather and started court proceedings demanding to be recognised as inheritors and rightful owners of the land plot in 1991.

The land was conceded to the two men, with the CCAC now establishing that there was no evidence that the original owner was indeed their grandfather.

The two owners also managed to claim that land plot was located in Alto de Coloane near Estrada do Campo and Estrada de Seac Pai Van comprising 53.866 square metres with the CCAC now saying it should have been defined as being only a ‘few hundred square kilometres’ and as being located in Largo do Presidente António Ramalho Eanes in Coloane Village.

Although Vong Tam Seng and Vong Tak Heng respectively died in 1995 and 1999, the land in question was sold by them to Sociedade de Investimento Predial e Comercial Chong Fai in October 1993 for MOP150 million, the report indicated.

In 2004, Win Loyal Development purchased the land plot for HK$84 million and in 2009 requested the Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau (DSSOPT) to emit a new urban plan for the plot.

Initially, Win Loyal intended to build nine villas some 22 metres high and nine blocks intended for housing 115 metres high but in 2010 it requested the government to allow buildings as high as 198 metres.

In 1999, the DSSOPT determined that the landowners could develop buildings no higher than 33 metres, with a 20,000 square metre plot near Estrada do Alto de Coloane and da Estrada Militar defined as a nature-protected area where construction could not take place.

However, the DSSOPT changed height requirements two times, in 2009 and 2011, with the final plan establishing a maximum height of 100 metres.

Win Loyal then proposed a project with a gross building area of 668,741 square metres, for the construction of 13 towers and a maximum of 33 floors.

The report has now established that the new final urban plan approved by the DSSOPT allowed 100-metre high buildings in an area of the land plot where buildings could only be nine metres high and ‘therefore the project alignment plan issued by the DSSOPT violated defined urban planning constraints.’

The land plot will now be recovered by the government, with the report indicating that due to the ownership irregularities the current owner will not be able to apply for a change in the land plot urban plan.

The CCAC investigation was initiated in 2016 after complaints of irregularities were received by the department. The investigation report was now sent to the Chief Executive which forward it to the Public Prosecutions Office.