Macau | Alvin Chau, Jay Chun and Thomas Pang set the path for technology integration with VIP gaming – MGS panel

Macau (MNA) – “We don´t need to refer to another markets as we are the first in the world,” Alvin Chau Cheok Wa, CEO and Director of Suncity Group, said today during a debate held at MGS Entertainment Show on integration and development of technology and VIP services. The panel also gathered Chairman of Macau Gaming Equipment Manufacturers Association, Jay Chun, and the CEO and Director of Meg-Star International, Thomas Pang.

Mr. Chau highlighted that Macau already has enough advantages compared to other gaming locations, so there is no need to invest huge amounts of money to attract tourists beyond the current profile. However, he showed to be in favour of an strategic alignment with the Belt and Road initiative by the central government.

Mr. Chun, stated that Macau has enough conditions to attract new customers. He said that reaching overseas Chinese or Vietnam visitors “would not be so difficult to achieve.” He remarked the importance of the technology on the development of the industry and call for keeping accumulating experience in the matter.

Mr. Pang, asked for more support from the government to VIP intermediates. He asked for recognition of their labour and demanded more support to easy business hurdles.

A full video of the session in Chinese language can be watched in this link.