Macau | Anima and Yat Yuen present joint greyhound home centre project in Pac On

Macau (MNA) – On Friday, Macau (Yat Yuen) Canidrome Co. Ltd. and Anima.- Society for the Protection of Animals (Macau) presented a joint plan to the Macau SAR Government in which Yat Yuen vows to rent a standalone building with a large indoor and outdoor area in Pac On to house the 533 Canidrome greyhounds currently remaining in the dog racing track facilities.

The centre will be installed in an already existing building located at lot E number 218 in Largo de Pac On in Taipa.

According to a government urban development plan from 2007, the land is to be used for industrial purposes, in particular for the manufacture of electronic materials.

Announced at a joint press conference held today at Macau Regency Hotel, the centre will be named the International Centre for The Rehoming of Greyhounds (Macau), a non-profit enterprise managed by Anima, to house any unadopted greyhounds in ‘better living and environmental conditions, in accordance with the international standards’ the joint release reads.

In its latest request on Thursday, Yat Yuen had asked the government to allow the greyhounds to stay in the Canidrome facilities for a period of at least 60 days after the seven-day legal period for the company to reclaim the greyhounds expired on July 31.

The company would only be fined on charges of animal abandonment if it fails to reclaim the dogs by July 31.

According to the company, the 60-day period is necessary to complete the improvement works of the new centre facilities, with Anima committing to providing all relevant assistance in caring for the animals, with Yat Yuen to meet the expenses.

If the plan is approved by Macau authorities the company says that it will also apply for permission for the 129 Canidrome workers to continue taking care of the greyhounds at the racing track.

Yat Yuen also vowed to provide subsidies should the adopted greyhounds need to be desexed or vaccinated.

A representative of the company said that the project took a long time to be presented to the public because the planning required an equally long time.

“I want to thank Ms. Angela Leong. This project will be unique worldwide,” Anima President Albano Martins said at the conference.

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