Liu Binxing, General Manager of Alibaba Cloud HK & Macau

Macau | BOAO Forum: Cloud services to reach locals by end of 2018 – Alibaba Cloud regional head

Macau (MNA) – Liu Binxing, General Manager of Alibaba Cloud HK & Macau, today said that Macau citizens will start to see the first results of the Smart City project by the end of 2018.

Mr Liu made the comments during the Smart City and the Development of Asia event, included in the BOAO Forum for Asia Development Summit, which took place today.

The Alibaba regional head said that we are currently immersed in a new revolution that he called the data revolution. He stated that the data revolution is a step ahead from the IT revolution that brought about the Internet.

Mr. Liu explained that the project links to the Alibaba City Brain concept. This technology, already developed in Hangzhou, analyzes data from a wide range of sources to reach real-time solutions for immediate problems. The technology is used primarily to tackle traffic congestion. Mr. Liu said its implementation in Hangzhou helped to optimize local traffic, increasing the speed of traffic flow by 10 per cent. The sources analyzed are from many different sources such as Google and Baidu, and services like Uber.

The technology to be implemented in Macau is still in a phase of sources survey. The company is gathering the different entry points so later the data can be analyzed by artificial intelligence, Mr. Liu said.

He also indicated that another example of the implementation of the technology within the Smart City concept is the reduction of red tape in financial procedures. He said that the process to request a credit card can be sped up by using a cloud system.

In August 4 this year, the Alibaba Group signed a Framework Agreement for Strategic Cooperation in the Area of Building an Intelligent City with the MSAR authorities, Business Daily newspaper previously reported.

The information also said the first phase of the project’s implementation would be completed by June of 2019, with the second phase to be completed by June of 2021.