Macau | ‘Broken tooth’ sets up Hongmen HQ in Cambodia

Macau (MNA) – Former 14K triad leader Wan Kuok-koi – also known as ‘Broken Tooth’ – has set up the headquarters of the World Hongmen History and Culture Association in Cambodia, according to Hong Kong media Eastweek.

Mr. Wan, who is also the chairman of the aforementioned Association, said during an interview with Eastweek that the Association will make use of blockchain technology to build a Chinese cultural town in Cambodia.

“The Association will establish schools to allow ethnic Chinese [living in other countries] to learn Chinese culture,” said Mr. Wan.

He disclosed that the Association will also issue Hongmen cryptocurrency, with his expectation that one Hongmen crypto-coin will cost US$1, with a total of 1 billion coins to be issued.

Wan indicated that they have plans to extend to other businesses, such as operating e-commerce, hotel and casino, as well as products such as watches, wine and tea. He added that Hongmen coins can be used for the aforementioned businesses.

Earlier in February this year, he revealed that the Association plans to set up the Hongmen Security Company for Chinese merchants to integrate with the development of the ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiative.