Macau | Camera-equipped police uniform to enable ‘verification of the truth’

Macau (MNA) – Starting from Wednesday, some 100 local police station agents and special patrol groups will be using cameras on their uniforms, marking the implementation of a measure the Macau Public Security Police Force (PSP) said will favour the ‘verification of the truth.’

In a press release on Tuesday, the PSP claimed the images captured by the portable video camera devices will enable the collection of records and monitoring the evolution of an occurrence.

The Police also stated that the new measure ‘guarantees the legitimate rights and interests of citizens and the police,’ while improving ‘the effectiveness of law enforcement work’ by the latter.

The Personal Data Protection Office (GPDP) made two suggestions on the guidelines for frontline police officers using the cameras, according to a press release also issued on Tuesday.

GPDP stated that cameras should be used for the assistance of law enforcement during circumstances in which social stability is violated or likely to be, public or private properties are infringed or in cases of confrontational and threatening situations, to name a few.

The same information was announced by the PSP.

The Office claimed that the instrument does not violate the Personal Data Protection Law, indicating that related regulations on the rights of parties, the protection of handling personal data and the storage of data basically comply with the relevant clauses.

[Edited by Sheyla Zandonai]