Macau | Conditions of temporary transfer of taxi licence should be specified – legislators

Macau (MNA) – The majority of members of the 1st standing committee of the Legislative Assembly (AL) agree with the transitory arrangement proposed in the revised taxi bill but have requested the government to specify the leasing conditions under which the ‘temporary transfer’ of taxi permits comes into existence, the committee chairman, Vong Hin Fai, said on Thursday, after the meeting.

Vong (picture, top) said the committee agrees with the proposition to keep the current system for transferring taxi permits, which allows permanent taxi permits to be transferred to new owners, indicating that the permit can be sold or inherited by another owner as well as used as collateral.

The legislator stated, however, that for permits with eight years’ duration, owners can only “temporarily transfer” the permit to another owner, with such transfer also including rights to leasing out the permit to other taxi drivers.

Currently, there are some 650 taxis with permanent permits and some 800 taxis with eight-year permits.

Members of the committee also discussed today taxi drivers’ obligation to replace their taxi driver identification cards once the new regulation is enacted, as well as requested by the government to include the duration term for those licences.

Vong highlighted that taxi drivers would not be required to retake driving examinations to operate under the new taxi driving licence.

According to the committee chairman, the first round of discussions for the draft bill has been completed. Now, the government is requested to further amend the bill taking into consideration the suggestions made by the committee as well as the industry.

The chairman added that the committee will have a second round of discussions with the government after the legislature break is over in October.