Macau confirms 53rd COVID-19 case

A tourist from Taiwan tested positive for the new coronavirus on Thursday (17 June) and was considered the city’s 53rd confirmed case of COVID-19, according to the Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre.

The diagnosis was made to a 59-year-old man, a tourist fromTaiwan, and he stated that he had never been confirmed with COVID-19 nor had been vaccinated against COVID-19.

On June 15, the nucleic acid test result for COVID-19 was negative.

This patient and a friend took the Star Airlines flight JX203 bound for Macau on June 17 in seat number 5H. Upon entry into the SAR, according to the quarantine measures taken by the Health Services, he was subjected to tests at the Conde de São Januário Hospital Center, and the result of the first nasopharyngeal swab test sample after entry was positive and the result serum was negative for IgM and positive for IgG, confirming pneumonia caused by the new type of coronavirus (COVID-19).

The patient stated that he has not been in contact with people with symptoms of COVID-19 in Taiwan nor has he stayed in crowded places.

The patient has no symptoms of fever, cough or breathing difficulties, among others, and his clinical condition is considered normal. He will be sent to the Conde de São Januário Hospital Centre for further medical treatment.