Macau | CTM shows support and comments on Gov’t Cybersecurity Law proposal

Macau (MNA) – Representatives of the Companhia de Telecomunicaçōes de Macau (CTM) said this Wednesday that the company has already provided its comments and views on the draft of a new Cybersecurity Law proposed by the Macau SAR Government and that in general it supported the latter’s intent.

According to the Vice President of Legal Affairs and Regulations at CTM, Aguinaldo Wahnon, the company was present at a public consultation meeting for the communication sector, and provided a different set of comments focused “on the feasibility of some of the [bill’s] provisions.”

“We made detailed comments on some of the measures in this proposal such as real time collection of SIM card subscribers data. Through the details, we can see if the operators will need a lot of time to respond to these issues,” said Mr. Wahnon. “We’re expecting that there will be news this year not just about cybersecurity but for other legislation to be prepared on technology convergence unifying content licences, networks and services.”

The public consultation for the proposed law ended on January 24, with the proposal having drawn some criticism from political activists  and associations due to the data monitoring powers it grants to the MSAR police authorities.

According to the CTM legal advisor, the bill revealed by the government to industry representatives is “still not the draft legislation but only extracts of a potential future law.”

He said, however, that with advances in technology and the Internet of Things normal cybersecurity issues are raised.

“This is not an Asian phenomenon but a global problem so in that sense we support it and we’re receptive and excited at being able to help the government,” he added. “We believe the devil is in the detail. Let’s see how the bill turns out and the level of preparedness of the operators to cope with these requirements.”

The CTM CEO Vandy Poon said that the company supported the government since he considered that the new bill would introduce new requirements for both users and suppliers of network services to better comply on matters of cybersecurity and privacy.

“Without an appropriate law, every user or stakeholder cyberspace will be in danger,” he claimed.

[Edited by Sheyla Zandonai]