vandy poon of CTM speaks to media

Macau | CTM head supportive of new telecommunications interception law

Macau (MNA) – The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Companhia de Telecomunicações de Macau (CTM), Vandy Poon, voiced his support for the new Telecommunication Interception and Protection Legal System bill during a press conference on Thursday.

On the sidelines of the press conference, Mr. Poon said, “We think the legislating of the security law is a good thing because it helps to protect society and the territory at large. I think, as we put it before, we trust that the government will legislate a balanced approach to protect privacy and freedom of communication but also to protect the territory from all sorts of [cyber] dangers.”

Poon added that CTM would “proactively” participate in the public consultation sessions and that it is studying the draft law.

The executive refrained from commenting on how long CTM tended to retain customer records but acknowledged that the legal requirement under the new bill to keep customer records was longer than the normal period of time.

“If we have difficulties we will use the consultation period to voice our opinions,” Poon clarified.

Poon acknowledges that any new law will be subject to “complexities,” adding that in this case he hopes that a “grace period” to adapt to a law will apply.

Under the proposed interception bill, court approval must be sought before searching a user’s personal telecommunication data, even if the enquiry is from security departments such as the Judiciary Police (PJ).

According to PJ head Sit Chong Meng, the request for interception in question will be allowed for ten types of crimes; namely, crimes related to national security, crimes that are subject to more than three years of imprisonment, terrorism, money laundering, cyber crimes, human trafficking, organised crime, trading of arms and anaesthetics as well as the use of communication technology to insult, threaten or otherwise trespass upon the privacy of residents.

The public consultation period is currently running until November 9.