Macau | CTM partners with Tencent Cloud for second phase of Digital Macau

Macau (MNA) – Companhia de Telecomunicaçōes de Macau (CTM) has partnered with Tencent Cloud to build a Digital Macau platform for local mobile developers, according to Ebel Cham Pou I, a Vice President with the telecommunications company.

CTM has already built a data network across Macau, according to the executive, which is the first phase of an overall Digital Macau plan.

“Now we are [moving] towards the second phase of Digital Macau. We will develop different smart applications to the market. In terms of Smart City, actually nobody knows what it [entails],” Ms Cham said.

“As for why we partnered with Tencent Cloud, it is very strong in these [application] of these smart applications. When we partner with them, first of all we need to localise the Tencent Cloud platform in Macau.”

The two companies had agreed to co-operate on cloud computing, Big Data, the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence (AI), with the condition that all data will be stored in Macau and in CTM data centres to ensure that data is kept safe.

According to Technode, Tencent, which is known more for its social media and gaming offerings, has the intention to diversify by adding two new divisions, namely the Cloud and Smart Industries Group (CSIG) and Platform and Content Group (PCG) to its business division line-up in September 2018.

CSIG will oversee Tencent Cloud.

Cham said, “We [CTM] will help build the [local] platform and introduce the core features of smart applications [to Macau.] We will invite any sort of companies, from small-to-medium enterprises, software development companies or even universities to design and develop these kind of applications.”

“We hope we will enable Macau to become a digital city,” explained Ms. Cham.