Macau | Cybersecurity Law proposes 60 days to verify identity and avoid SIM card deactivation

Macau (MNA) – Any pre-paid SIM card which was purchased before the enactment of the Cybersecurity Law would be deactivated if the user fails or refuses to verify his or her identification with the telecommunication service provider within 60 days after being notified, the bill of the Cybersecurity Law suggested.

The Executive Council announced Tuesday that it has completed the aforementioned bill.

Under the Real-Name System regulations proposed in the bill, internet service provider is required to inform users to verify their identification in 60 days after the law is implemented.

Chan Hin Chi (pictured, right), consultant of the Secretariat Office for Security, clarified that internet service such as 1-Card-2-Number Prepaid SIM Card that can be used in the city but provided by operators outside the city would not be regulated under the law.

The bill also suggests that critical infrastructure including public departments, bodies and entities, as well as private entities that cover 11 different aspects – such as transportation, telecommunication, banking and insurance, medical affairs, electricity and water supply – are mandated to set up a position specifically to be responsible of ensuring cybersecurity.

Infringements of cybersecurity duties are to be punishable by a fine of MOP50,000 (US$6,184) to MOP5 million, with ancillary sanctions able to be applied.

Chan said the personnels to oversee the internet operation must reside in the city.

“The government should be able to contact this personnel when accident happens hence he or she must be always in the city,” said Mr. Chan. “If he or she is having a holiday there should be a substitute for the position so that the government can approach someone in charge anytime.”

The consultant added that one must be familiar over the operation of the Internet in order to be qualified for the position.

Asked about the privacy issue when overseeing network data from critical infrastructure, the government spokesperson Leong Hin Teng (pictured, left) affirmed that only data flow would be examined without interpreting any actual data content when cybersecurity accident happens.

Leong informed that the bill will soon be submitted to the Legislative Assembly.