Macau | Data centres in Greater Bay Area essential for coping with regional economic needs – OneAsia

Macau (MNA) – “Setting up Data Centres with reliable and redundant connectivity in Macau, Hong Kong and China can cater to the economic needs of the area, for example further reducing the latency in stock exchange markets,” Charles Lee, Founder and CEO of OneAsia, said to MNA on Thursday.

One Asia, an IT services and solution provider, launched its 4th data centre in Hong Kong on November 7 as ‘Hong Kong’s growing linkages in the Greater Bay Area have proved itself a prime location,’ the firm says in a press release.

“Under the Greater Bay Area Initiative, key industries … are manufacturing (high-tech), logistics, trade-related services and the digital and innovation industry,” Mr. Lee adds. “With Hong Kong and Macau, it is forecasted that the Greater Bay Area will play a remarkable role in China’s economic integration with the world.”

“Data centre infrastructure is inevitability the base of digitalization. Applying to future development, a reliable data centre in well-developed cities like Hong Kong and Macau can foster the transformation of smart cities and innovation,” Mr. Lee says. “As consumer behaviour and living styles are consistently changing in modern cities, and innovative business models like e-commerce, informational platforms and digital payments are continually established, there is a rising demand for data centre services from those innovative industries.”

Regarding the importance of Macau in the strategy of the company, Mr. Lee says that “an interconnection between data centres can build a comprehensive connectivity network among countries.”

“The development (of the company services) in Macau can further strengthen the connectivity between Hong Kong, Macau and the other nine cities in the Pearl River Delta, hence providing a reliable data centre service and resilient connectivity to clients.”

“OneAsia aims to strive for comprehensive coverage in the Great Bay Area and other cities of China like Shanghai and Nantong,” he says.

The new facility of OneAsia supports more than 2,000 standard racks.