Credit: FB photo of Macau Food Festival

Macau Food Festival is back!

The most delicious event in Macao is back with a special 20th edition made up of the best of Macao. Get ready for a delectable journey through the Macao’s finest culinary creations.

Macao is well-known for its fabulous food. Three years ago our city earned UNESCO’s title as a Creative City of Gastronomy for its over four hundred years old culinary legacy. Macanese cuisine is often regarded as the world’s first fusion food, and Macao’s love for food has helped our city emerge internationally as one of the world’s leading culinary destinations. For this reason, every year in November, local visitors and tourists show up at the area opposite the Macao Tower for a feast of delicious Asian, European, Chinese and local delicacies. This year is not an exception. The Macau Food Festival, hosted by the United Association of Food and Beverage Merchants of Macao, marks this year its twentieth edition. Over the last twenty years, the food festival has become an unmissable event in everybody’s schedules.

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Credit: FB photo of Macau Food Festival

Given this year’s pandemic, the scale of the festival is slightly smaller, and special health-control and sanitary measures are being taken. In addition, electronic payment methods are also available in both the food and game areas. Nevertheless, well over 100 local businesses will be catering to visitors a plethora of flavours for a total of 17 days. The festival will be running from November 13 to 29 – from 5pm to 11pm on weekdays and between 3pm and midnight on weekends.

The location is the same, extending from the Largo da Torre de Macau to the leisure area adjacent to the Sai Van Lake, which provides a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. There will be plenty of tables to dine with limited seats according to current social distancing measures. Four free shuttle buses are also available to facilitate everyone’s transportation to the venue and not having to worry about parking. Your family will be able to have fun and enjoy yummy treats from all the street stalls, booths and tents. The festival spreads out along different theme areas: Local delicacies; Asian delicacies; European Delicacies; Chinese restaurant zone; and even a Dessert zone, as well as entertainment and gaming areas. Combining both Chinese and Western flavours, all of the favourites will undoubtedly be there: from delicious grilled skewers and fresh seafood to typical Macanese dishes to unavoidable pork chop buns to egg tarts for dessert! The options are countless. While you’re wandering around looking for the next delicacy to enjoy, there will be vibrant live entertainment, fun games to play and even beer competitions. All of these elements make this food fest one of the city’s most beloved events and a guaranteed fun time.

Contrary to previous editions of the festival, given the current Covid-19 pandemic, this year there are no invited participants from other countries. All merchants will be local this year, and they will be showcasing dishes from their eateries’ menus – so you can try their food and repeat it when you go back to their restaurants after the festival.

As Macao has been taking all control measures to remain a safe and healthy place, let’s all enjoy this year’s festival with joy and plenty of comfort food!