Lee Yat To talk to media about Macau's fourth water pipeline

Macau | Fourth water supply pipeline will be built in 2019

Macau (MNA) – The fourth water supply pipeline linking Mainland China and Macau will be operational in 2019 according to Lee Yat To, a technical director of the Marine and Water Bureau (DSAMA).

The Mainland section of the project had been 97.5 per cent completed, according to Mr. Lee, while the Macau side has been developed some 40 per cent.

The Pinggang-Guangchang raw water agreement, which was signed in 2014 between the Zhuhai Government and Macau SAR Government, has progressed by 30 per cent, said Mr. Lee.

Jacky Lei, the Senior Operations Manager of Macao Water, said that after Typhoon Hato the company had introduced several measures in order to protect water supplyduring a disaster, including the introduction of several watertight steel doors (pictured below) that will help protect water tanks.

In addition, six temporary portable water stations which will be made available for in smaller residential areas during such situations.