Macau | Gaming related kidnappings dipped 41 pct in H1

Macau (MNA) – The city’s Judiciary Police (PJ) indicated this Tuesday that gaming debt related kidnapping cases dropped 94 cases to 229 for the first six months, a 41 per cent decrease year-on-year.

The information was revealed by the Secretary for Security Wong Sio Chak this Tuesday at the half-year crime review press conference.

The Secretary also pointed out that the significant drop in kidnapping cases was owing to the increased efforts in curbing loan sharking groups over the period.

Data also showed that the majority of victims and suspects of kidnapping cases were not local residents.

In total, police authorities have filed a total of 840 gaming related criminal cases for the first half of 2018, a 3.3 per cent dip from 869 cases seen during the same period last year.

Of the aforementioned total number of cases filed, 254 are cases related to loansharking for gambling, posting an increase of 70 cases compared to 184 cases last year.

The Secretary considered that the growth of cases pertaining to loan sharking activities was a result from more proactive probe and knockdowns of loan sharking groups by local police.

The security departments will closely monitor between the gaming industry and criminal activities, pledged the Secretary.