Macau | Genting maintains interest in gaming license – Media

Macau (MNA) – The Chairman and CEO of Malaysian group Genting, Lim Kok Thay, mentioned  in an interview with Singapore newspaper The Business Times that the company is still interested in bidding for a gaming license in Macau.

Speaking about his interest in a possible Japanese gaming license, the Malaysian businessman also referred a possible future Macau attempt, indicating that the biding would not happen until 2020 – when SJM and MGM China concessions are expected to expire – although he believed it more likely to happen in 2022.

“Like Japan, we’re interested but we don’t know what (the terms are) […] So again, like Japan, let’s wait and see what decisions the Macau government will make,” he stated to the newspaper.

The Genting group previously attempted and failed to obtain a local license when the local gaming market opened up, with casino operator Genting Singapore Plc having dissolved Genting Star (Macau) Ltd in 2006, an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary incorporated in Macau that was to be involved in local gaming operations.

However, cruise company Star Cruises – a cruise line company owned by Genting Hong Kong, part of the Malaysian group Genting Group – currently still owns a land plot in which a five-star hotel is to be developed.

The group has avoided providing more details in the project and if it intends the property to include casino operations