Macau | Gov’t to reclaim Alto de Coloane land plot – Chief Executive

Macau (MNA) – The Macau Chief Executive (CE), Fernando Chui Sai On, said this Thursday that authorities will go forward with the reclamation of the Alto de Coloane land plot targeted in a recent Commission Against Corruption (CCAC) report.

The CCAC report issued last February indicated several irregularities and mistakes committed by local authorities in establishing the plot’s ownership, size and height requirements, which was slated for the construction of a residential project by Win Loyal Development, a company owned by local businessman Sio Tak Hong.

The report suggested that the government reclaimed the land and, according to the CE today, this is exactly what will be attempted, with the case having already been forwarded to the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

“The Public Prosecutor’s Office process to reclaim the land plot is already in progress. If the owner doesn’t accept the case, he can appeal to the courts. We will assess the civil and penal responsibilities […]. We don’t put aside the option of the case launching judicial procedures,” said the CE.

The issue was raised by legislators Sulu Sou Ka Hou and Ella Lei Cheng I, who requested the CE to indicate how the case has progressed and how authorities would assign any responsibilities or infractions committed by the administration in the Alto de Coloane case and in the Iec Long Firecracker Factory land swap case.

The CE vowed to send reports on the follow up of the two cases to legislators.