Macau Grand Prix to save more than MOP1.5 mln in prize money

A prize-pool valued at over MOP235,000 (US$29,429) will be up for grabs to competitors racing in the 67th Macau Grand Prix this weekend, according to Macau News Agency calculations, a much lower figure than last year’s prize, which was over MOP1.5 million.

While the modern-day publication of prize money is usually something to keep under wraps, the Macau Grand Prix has always been quite transparent on this topic. The 2020 Macau Grand Prix will award HK$231,000 in prize money this year, according to the races’ Sporting Regulations published online. 

In contrast to the past editions, this year’s prize money structure is the same for all five races.

The organisers will distribute a prize fund of HK$33,000 between the top three drivers in each race, allocated as follows: the winner receives HK$16,000; second place HK$11,000; and HK$6,000 for third.

As the Macau GT Cup and Macau Touring Car Cup races are divided into two different classes of cars there will be separate prize money for each category with the same figures.

The prize pool of last year’s FIA GT World Cup – Macau GT Cup alone was US$80,750 (MOP644,792) with the outright winner cashing in US$15.000. 

The FIA F3 World Cup had a different payout structure, including a sum of US$500 was given to every starter. In total, US$69.000,00 was handed out between the 1st and 10th place finishers, the top-three of the Qualification Race, or the fastest lap time holder in each race.

The fan-favourite Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix awarded HK$201,000 in 2019, including a HK$32,000 award for the race winner and HK$22,000 to the best team.

The support categories were also in the money, with HK$16,000 on the line for a win, HK$11,000 for a second place, and HK$6,000 for a third place. In total, the Macau Touring Car Cup and the Great Bay Area GT Cup distributed HK$99,000 in 2019 same as this year. 

Last year’s FIA World Touring Car Cup – WTCR prize pool, if there was any, was not available to the public.

In the other hand, every driver paid MOP6,000 to enter in the race. With 124 drivers entered in this weekend’s races, the Macau Grand Prix organiser had a MOP744.000 income in competitor’s fees. 

Due to the outbreak impact on the local economy, this year’s Macau Grand Prix budget was reduced by MOP20 million to MOP250 million.