Macau | Head of IPIM under investigation on residency investment scheme, suspended from office

Macau (MNA) -The President of the Board of Directors of the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM), Jackson Chang, is currently under legal investigation, owing to alleged irregularities linked to the granting of residency status through an investment scheme, the Commission Against Corruption (CCAC) announced on Friday.

According to the CCAC, a member of the executive committee of IPIM and the current department chief of the Pension Fund, who is a former chief of the IPIM’s Residency Application and Legal Affairs Division, are also being investigated, following the Commission’s conclusion of its own investigation on the matter.

Compulsory measures have been imposed on the three suspects, including suspension of public office, and restriction from leaving the city.

In July, Mr. Chang, also know Cheong Chou Weng, said in a plenary session of the Legislative Assembly (AL), that people who had obtained a permanent residency in Macau after seven years through the IPIM investment scheme could see their residency status revoked if any illegalities were found.

In particular, the suspects are being investigated for commission of duty-related crimes in the process of vetting and approving applications for ‘real estate investment immigration,’ ‘major investment immigration,’ and ‘skilled workers immigration.’

In a later note also released on Friday, the Government Spokesperson Office stated that the CCAC had informed the Chief Executive of the initial results of the investigation into the case involving officials of the IPIM.

The CCAC said will announce the progress of its investigation when ‘appropriate.’