Macau | Head of Pearl Horizon buyers association contradicts gov’t claims on replacement housing proposal

Macau (MNA) – Only some 30 members of the Pearl Horizon Condominium Owners United Association have reportedly expressed interest in purchasing replacement housing units recently proposed by the Macau SAR Government, Association chairman Kou Meng Bo told Macau News Agency (MNA).

The information provided by Mr. Kou contradicts comments made by the head of the Administration Appeal Bureau and Deputy Commissioner of the Commission Against Corruption (CCAC), Lam Chi Long, who told TDM Portuguese Radio on Wednesday that the majority of Pearl Horizon buyers had agreed to purchase replacement housing.

Lam claimed additionally that only Mr. Kou was opposed to the proposal.

“Half of the affected buyers are members of the Association,” said, however, Mr. Kou to MNA. “[The Association] is the most representative.”

Kou, who stated he still does not concur with the housing replacement proposal, also reprimanded the government for acting to divide buyers, criticising the government for not having approached the Association to discuss the proposal.

Last week, various department heads introduced a bill designed to address the concerns of affected owners of the urban renewal plan as well as buyers of the aborted Pearl Horizon residential project whereby they would be invited to rent or purchase temporary and replacement housing.

MNA asked CCAC for comment but had received no reply by the time this story went to print.