Macau | Health authorities urge citizens not to consume “SIN DEN BEAUTY” product

Macau (MNA) – The Macau SAR Health Bureau said on Friday that besides monitoring the circulation of “SIN DEN BEAUTY” products in the territory, they are also urging citizens not to buy or consume them.

The Health Bureau recommends that citizens who have already purchased these products not consume them and deliver them to the Department of Pharmaceutical Affairs of the Health Bureau.

The Health Bureau says that the import of this product was not authorized.

According to information published by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Health Service (HKSAR), the product “SIN DEN BEAUTY” contains two substances known as “sibutramine” and “phenolphthalein”, and urges citizens not to buy or consume it.

Sibutramine acts as an appetite suppressor and may increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Hence the use of this substance is banned by the Health Bureau, as the note released on Friday stated.

Phenolphthalein has a laxative effect. Extended use of the product can cause rashes, allergies, colitis, dermatitis and bleeding, and can also cause cancer, the note says.