Macau-Hong Kong extradition pact may cover current fugitives

The extradition pact to be signed by Macau and Hong Kong may cover current fugitives. This means that convicted persons that have gone from one Special Administrative Region to another to avoid being sent to jail may not yet have escaped the long arm of the law, Hong Kong newspaper South China Morning Post reported yesterday.
According to a Hong Kong Government source close to the talks, the upcoming extradition treaty may apply to cases prior to the agreement, even if there is not any specific retroactive clause written into it. This means that fugitives who took refuge in one city to avoid punishment in another will be sent back.
If the extradition pact is applied retroactively then Hong Kong tycoons Joseph Lau Luen Hung and Steven Lo Kit Sing can be jailed in Macau.
Joseph Lau and Steven Lo were sentenced to five years and three months in prison each for a bribes-for-land racket. Mr. Lau and Mr. Lo paid HK$20 million to secure land for a luxury property project to the former Secretary for Transport and Public Works Ao Man Long.
Mr. Ao is currently serving a 29-year jail sentence having been found guilty on 40 counts of bribe-taking, 13 counts of money laundering, two counts of abuse of power, one count of incorrect declaration of assets and one count of holding assets from unknown sources.
As the two Special Administrative Regions do not currently have an extradition treaty between them, Lau and Lo will not be jailed unless they voluntarily enter Macau.