Macau | Illegally parked removal and returning fines increased by more than 500 pct

Macau (MNA) – The Macau SAR Government has increased fines for vehicle removal and for returning impounded vehicles, with increases ranging between 500 to almost 3,000 per cent, an Official Gazette release has revealed.

This is the first update on regulations set forth in 1978, with fines for removing illegally parked bicycles increased by 900 per cent to MOP250 (US$31); two-wheel motorised vehicles by 1,450 per cent to MOP750; light vehicles by 1,450 per cent to MOP1,500; and heavy or special vehicles seeing their removal fines increase by 2,900 per cent to MOP6,000.

The fine for the removal of an illegally parked vehicle is applicable after MSAR authorities blocked the vehicle even if the car was not eventually removed, with a MOP500 fine also payable for the unlocking of the vehicle.

Fines for the recovery of the impounded vehicle have also been increased by more than 500 per cent or more, with fines for the recovery of bicycles going up to MOP20; for two-wheel motorised vehicles to MOP50, for light vehicles to MOP100; and for heavy or special vehicles to MOP600.

The recovery tax is renewed for every 24-hour period the removed vehicle stays in the authorities impounding lot.

[Edited by Sheyla Zandonai]