Macau | Body cams could be installed in security officers – Secretary for Security

Macau (MNA) – Equipping security officers with individual surveillance cameras could be enforced in the near future, the Secretary for Security, Wong Sio Chak, said on Sunday.

The Secretary stated that if the Office for Personal Data Protection (GPDP) provides a positive assessment of the proposal his cabinet would prepare for the ‘installation’ of such equipments as “soon as possible”.

He also pointed out that the plan for using such cameras is intended to contribute to the protection of the rights and interests of security officials and citizens, by increasing the efficiency of law enforcement in the event of a conflict or discussion.

In the event that the measure is implemented instructions will be provided to frontline staff to explain the reasonable and legitimate use of such equipment, with public awareness campaigns also put into effect.

The Secretary visited the Gongbei Border Immigration and Customs checkpoint this Sunday to assess how border security is being conducted during the Chinese New Year holiday period, when the influx through the border gates is traditionally greater.