Macau | Kevin Ho with more investments in Portugal


By Paulo A. Azevedo and Kelsey Wilhelm

KNJ Investment Ltd. finalized this month a 15-million euro (MOP142.5 million) deal for the acquisition of 30 per cent of Global Media. But Kevin Ho King Lun, one of three shareholders of KNJ Investment, its CEO and nephew of Macau SAR’s first Chief Executive, Edmund Ho Hau Wah, revealed to Macau News Agency (MNA) that other investments are in the pipeline.

“A few real estate projects, a hotel, a winery”, he said during an exclusive interview.

Mr. Ho also revealed his intention to have in Vila Nova de Gaia, next to Porto, a space to install startups. “I met with the Mayor of Gaia [Eduardo Rodrigues] because, as you know, there are a lot of warehouses, specially those used for Port wine. We are co-operating to see if we can turn one of them or nearby into a startup [location]”.

The project, according to Mr. Ho, is to include the startup project as part of Global Media, but not only in Portugal.

“We will utilize new talents in Portugal and then we will utilize their minds and we will work out something that will help the whole group to go into the future,” he told MNA.

Bringing talent from Portugal to China, he explains, and vice-versa, since Chinese are no longer the copy factory as it once was. “We should learn from what China has now, and bring it back to Europe, bring it back to Portuguese-speaking countries, bring it back to Portugal”, he explained.

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