Macau | Legal framework enhancement necessary for industry evolution – Gaming inspection head

Macau (MNA) – “Continuous enhancement of the legal framework is necessary as the industry continues to evolve,” Paulo Martins Chan, Director of local Gaming Inspection Co-ordination Bureau (DICJ) said today during his speech at the MGS Entertainment Show.

The head of the department said that “currently, the DICJ is undergoing the review of several gaming laws and regulations” that included public consultation. “The government is very glad to see that both the public and the industry people are very active in expressing their points of view in the consultation process,” he said. “It is our hope that the public can continue to voice out their opinion and increase their involvement in the government law revision process in the future.”

Mr. Martins also said that “more thematic audits will be conducted over the gaming operators and junket promoters to ensure their legal compliance and financial stability.”

In such sense he said that the DICJ kept continuous flow of information with operators and junkets regarding the implementation of the new legislation.

“Enhancing supervision timely and properly will certainly cost challenges and impact the gaming industry as it may require additional resources and efforts from the gaming operators and junket promoters, nevertheless, enhancing supervision timely and properly can show positive effects to the sector,” Mr. Martins also said.

“Apparently – Macau’s gaming industry is benefiting from a more regulated environment and such enhanced supervision has increased the industries´ability to withstands risks making the industry more sustainable and driving towards the goal of establishing Macau as a world centre of centre of tourism and leisure,” he concluded his speech.