Macau | Legislators urge gov’t to reclaim former marine theme park land

Macau (MNA) – Legislators Ella Lei Cheng I and Leong Sun Iok have urged the government to reclaim the idle land plot beside the Estrada Almirante Marques Esparteiro, near the Regency Art Hotel, originally destined for the development of a marine theme park.

Speaking to the press on Tuesday, the legislators criticised the government for not making use of such a readily available land as the one in question.

“The land plot is [ready for use] since it has been reclaimed for years,” said Ms. Lei. “So why not use it for constructing either residential building, public facilities or using the beautiful coastline for leisure?”

She also rebuked the Macau SAR Government for not updating the public concerning the latest status of the plot since she submitted an interpellation to authorities on the same issue a year ago.

In January 2017, the Secretary for Transport and Public Works, Raimundo Arrais do Rosário, revealed at a plenary session of the Legislative Assembly that the government had already initiated procedures for announcing the land concession as invalid.

The plot in question has failed to meet the deadline of the development period, with the plot having remained idle for over 21 years since it was granted in 1997.

According to a dispatch published by the government in 1997, the land concession was obtained by Chong Va — Entretenimento, Limitada, with the management including Ambrose So, the incumbent Executive Director and CEO of SJM Holdings Limited.

Occupying some 134,891 square metres, the plot is divided into four areas (picture 1, below) – marked in A, B, C and D – with A and D as areas for the theme park development whereas B and C were granted for the company to build public facilities such as road.

Picture 1. The land plot concession contract from a dispatch in 1997.


The initial project included the construction of a series of leisure and entertainment facilities such as aquariums – with crocodiles, dolphins and turtles included – a bird sanctuary, mini-golf, botanical garden, water slides, swimming pool and others.

As of today, one can only see that there are storage of construction materials, machines, and even small iron houses built on the land plot.

Picture 2. Iron houses
Picture 3. Storage of construction materials.
Picture 4. Vehicles parked on the land plot.


“No one knows who is using that part of the land,” said Ms. Lei.

“Supposedly areas B and C now belonge to the government [given the inaction of the developer] […] our biggest question is why there is nothing happening on the plot where the government had granted to the developer, while the areas where the government didn’t are now seemingly being used for storage?”