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Macau | Local English proficiency ranked 44th in global index

Macau (MNA) – The level of English proficiency in Macau in 2018 is ranked 44th in the Education First 8th English Proficiency Index, which places the city as the 8th best in Asia.

This year’s ranking, compared to last year, shows that Macau’s proficiency was intermediate, compared to the previous year where it was categorized under the ‘low’ level, despite being ranked 42nd due to a different ranking system.

However, the score of 52.57 shows that it is below the global average of 56.64.

The index weight’s candidates who take a test by Education First from eighty-eight countries and regions.

“Although Macau is a region of only about 600,000 people, foreign investment is very concentrated in the area. The Central Government wants to transform Macau from a gaming city to a more diversified tourist spot,” said Ms. Zin Ru, chief executive of Education First Hong Kong and Macau.

“All sorts of factors show that English will play an important role in Macau’s future. To continue to maintain business advantages, we need to train more people with international backgrounds and advanced language skills. However, the results from this year show that Macau has stagnant English skills”.

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